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About Us

Live is for people who like playing online casino games and want as much as possible the feeling of being in a real casino.  This technology has advanced so much in the last couple of years that you can play with a live dealer, see the wheel spin at the roulette table and see the cards dealt at the live blackjack, live poker and live roulette tables.

These Live Casinos featured on our site have very different approaches in how their games look and feel but they all have these things in common:

  • Real Live human dealers
  • Legitimate and honest online games
  • Timely pay outs of real winnings
  • 24 hour customer service departments
  • Proven track records
  • Proven track records

These Live Casinos mostly offer live online blackjack, live online poker, live online baccarat and live online roulette.  Many sites have sections were you can actually see pictures of their actual live dealers.  Some of the things that differentiate one Live Casino from another Live Casino is the actual location of their dealers.  One live casino actually is played from an existing brick and mortar casino (LIVE CASINO LINK) while others are broadcast from certain countries such as Ireland, Costa Rica or in Asia.  It is fair to say you can use our Live Casino site to find the type of dealer you would like to play online with.

Other tips when setting up a new Live Casino gaming account is to take advantage of any bonus offering, both those for new players and existing players.  Keep in mind these are real online casinos, they value you as a player and want to entice you play at their online casino.  Click here for a list of current casino bonuses and casino promotions so you can capitalize on what is available for free!

We also highlight a monthly casino which we feel is doing a superb job and you can check this out in our Featured Casino section.  These live casinos also offer more than just live dealer and live games.  They are fully functioning online casinos with all the greatest slot games and table games.  Play online blackjack, craps, poker and more.  With hundreds of online slot games and online video poker games you can find whatever your looking for at this top casino websites.