How To Bet on Sports and online casino games.


There is nothing mysterious about placing online bets on the internet, here you can learn step by step on how to set up an online betting account.  There are two main types of gaming accounts, one is for sports betting such as making wagers on the Sunday NFL game and the other is for playing slots or other games at an online casino.

We all know there are other types of online wagering such as betting on elections or who will be Miss Universe, or the winners of the highly rated TV reality shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.   All of these other betting events can be place at either a Sports Betting account or a Casino Gaming account. The recent betting on the name of the royal family’s newest member Prince George was one of the highest non sports related betting events in the world.   Follow these steps to open your own betting account.

Open a Sports Betting Account

Sports betting has always been a huge form of entertainment across the globe and in the United States it hits it’s peak during the NFL football season.  With the coming of the internet, the amount of people making bets every day has exploded!  You can easily make  a sporting bet from anywhere and anytime be it on your computer, your tablet such as the iPad and most often from your mobile phone.  A single sportsbook account can handle all of your online betting needs; Follow these instructions and you too can be placing online bets in no time.

Simple steps to bet on sports online:

  1. Choose an online sportsbook from a list of Recommended Sportbooks, our list came from the trusted website
  2. Complete the join application, when filling out the banking information you may wish to review How to Fund your Sportsbook account.
  3. Gamble wisely and have fun!

This may seem simple because online betting is easy to do.  Nearly the entire globe has embraced online betting and now there is a safe, secure and private way to enjoy betting online.  With the recent advances in mobile technology people can now bet using their mobile phones.  This has propelled mobile sports betting to the preferred method for placing online bets.

One tip on setting up an online betting account is to visit our How to Fund your sportsbook account.  The majority of any difficulties a person may have in setting up and online betting account usually occurs at this step.  There are tested and proven methods to make this go smoothly and the best part is you only have to set it up once and you are done.

Open an Online Gaming Account

Millions of bets are place over the internet every month and the number is growing at a huge rate because now it is very easy to play real casino games like video slots and blackjack right on your mobile phone.  Take a little bit of vegas wherever you go.  Follow these steps and you will have an active gaming account in no time.

Simple steps to open an online casino account:

  1. Choose an Online Casino: Easily the most important step, and we have looked to our friends at CasinoGamescom  to help you make a selection  You can look through their selection of online casinos by clicking here. The tricky part in selecting your online casino is to make sure they are honest, provide good value and are fun. Every casino  recommended  here has been thoroughly tested and you can be assured they are of the highest standards.
  2. Sign up for an account: This is very straight forward, you want to play casino games online and they want you to play at their casinos. Signing up is the first process and you need to fill out ALL of the information fields with the CORRECT information. Remember they need to know who you are because you want them to be able to quickly and easily send you your winnings.
  3. Fund your account: If you want to bet on the casino games then you have to have a funded account to make a wager. There are many ways to fund an account and it varies especially if you are a player living in the United States. Using a credit card is one of the most popular but there are also money wires and services such as Western Union and Moneybookers . Click here for more details on how to fund an online gaming account.  Choose a funding selection and fill out ALL the information. Remember if you are a United States player then make sure you are applying at a US Friendly casino.
  4. Review and submit application: Process your application and most online casinos will immediately approve or deny your application. If your application is denied do not worry, IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, especially for US players. This is just a bump in the process and you need to be patient and take a few simple steps to get it approved. You only need to go thru this process once, and when you succeed you will be able to bet online and play casino games any time you want.
  5. Contact the Casino: Once you have submitted your application your initial account has been set up and now just needs to be activated. Remember you want to easily place bets on their casino games and they want to take your bets, so everybody has the same goal which is to get your account approved. Every casino we recommend has a toll free phone number (Free phone calls) to a dedicated customer service department. Many also have live online free chat service where you can chat with them. Contact them, that is what they are there for and they have all your information, they just need to get it approved and they are specialized in this area.
  6. Be patient: Most first time attempts do not go through on the first submission. There are literally millions of online bets taking place every day, most likely many coming from your neighborhood.  You can get an account, just stick with it and join in on the fun of placing safe, anonymous online casino games.