How To Bet on Sports and online casino games.

Football Teasers

A Teaser bet is very similar to a Parlay bet in that you must win all of your games in order to win your wager.  The difference between the two is with a Teaser you are able to alter the point spread on the games within your teaser.  So if you are playing a 3 team parlay you will select the 3 games you want to have in your wager with the stated odds on those games and if they all win you get a payout of 6/1.  If you wanted to play this as a teaser bet you can alter the actually point spread of each of the games on your ticket by a set amount of points such as a 6 point teaser bet.

In this example you would then select your three teams and be able to alter the point spread by 6 points on each of the three games, but in doing so you reduce your winning payout rate to 9/5.  In other words you can adjust your point spread in each of the three games by 6 points and if you win all three bets you get paid out at 9/5 odds.

In exchange for the points allowed by teasers, bettors take much lower odds than they would if wagering on a parlay. While a three team parlay will pay 6-1, a three team, 6-point teaser pays 9-5.

Teaser odds can very from book to book but here are the standards found at most books:

6-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/11
Three teams = 9/5
Four teams = 3/1
Five teams = 9/2
Six teams = 6/1

6.5-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/12
Three teams = 8/5
Four teams = 5/2
Five teams = 4/1
Six teams = 11/2

7-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/13
Three teams = 7/5
Four teams = 2/1
Five teams = 7/2
Six teams = 5/1