How To Bet on Sports and online casino games.

Wager Web betting options:

Buying Points up to 5 points

Buying points is a type of wager where we allow the player to literally buy points on his favor, from the favorite, underdog, over or under.  You can only buy points when betting on  American Football and Basketball.

Each ½ point is normally worth 10 cents although the prize can be adjusted as the points keep going away from the starting line.  In the case of Football when you are buying in and out of a 3 you will also be charged with an extra 10 cents and 5 more cents when you are going in or out of a 7.

Specialty Teasers

WagerWeb offers the largest list of ‘Specialty Teasers’ in the industry.

  • Field Goal Teaser 3 points
  • Monster Teaser 10 points
  • Two touchdown Teaser 14 points
  • Super Teaser 17 points
  • Three Touchdown Teaser 21 points

Parlays up to 15 teams

Parlay payouts in the case of Basketball and Football are as follows:

# Teams               Odds

Two                      13/5

Three                     6/1

Four                     10/1

Five                      25/1

Six                       40/1

Seven                   75/1

Eight                   100/1

Nine                     150/1

Ten                      300/1

Eleven                  500/1

Twelve                 750/1

Thirteen              1000/1

Fourteen             1500/1

Fifteen                2000/1